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Sexercise Classes

Intro Class 

This intro class is a perfect way for couples to get familiar with how Evoleros incorporates intimate positions with combining fitness and yoga to create an exciting Sexercise routine that is guaranteed to be fun. Learn some of the basic exercises and yoga poses that will improve your performance in some of our favorite classics such as the Elephant, Doggy Style, and Reverse Cowgirl. This is a great way to try something different if you've never tried yoga before or if you've always been a Yogi and want to get your Fitness workout on.

Evoleros Sexercise Position

Intermediate Class

Now that you have learned the basics it’s time to turn things up a notch with this body-sculpting intermediate level class while broadening your sexual playbook with these expert-approved sex positions, guaranteed to please both you and your partner. Expect a great cardiovascular and strength-building workout combined with a more energetic form of yoga focusing on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow. Also focus on flexibility, core strength and balance with an emphasis on connecting the mind to the physical work of the body. Poses are held longer to build strength and endurance for sexual positions like the Double Head Rush, Three-legged Race, Trampoline, and more.

Evoleros Sexercise Position

Beginner Class

All students will start as an "Evoleros" Beginner. This doesn't mean you are inexperienced or a rookie it just means you are an Evoleros Virgin and to prevent injury and perfect the positions you may already know we start everyone out as a beginner. This class is slower paced than an all-levels flow and focuses on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational yoga poses, stretching, an active warm-up, and strengthening to promote flexible joints, stronger and healthier muscles to be able to master positions such as the Rollover, Tribal Rhythm, Jungle Fever and more.

Evoleros Sexercise Position

Advance Class

Time to start pushing your body to the max in these advanced level classes that are designed to sculpt every angle of your body to be able to do sexual positions you never could imagine your body would be able to do. Get your sweat on in this full-body strength training with high-intensity cardio bursts workout while doing some of the more challenging yoga poses which include arm balances to back bends, inversions, twists and more! This ever-changing mix of yoga + cardio exercises it will keep your muscles guessing and minds from becoming bored while enhancing your performance for sexual positions such as the Amazing Arc, Wheelbarrow, The Handstand, and more.  Modifications for all fitness levels are provided

Evoleros Sexercise Position
“This place is so cool! I love the studio, it's nice, clean and Angela is the sweetest. The classes are fun for couples, and I still got a really good workout! Would recommend it to anyone.”
- Briana Muzquiz 


Our classes are so fun and comfortable, you will have no problem performing any of the exercises in front of others. In fact, most people laugh through the whole class. 

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